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Arash Zad | Lawyer 


ZadLaw Corporate Services - Setting up Your Business the Right Way!

ZadLaw CS is a Dubai-based corporate services company proven to simplify and streamline company formation in mainland Dubai and 50+ free zones across UAE. 
Founded by Arash Zad, the seasoned legal advisor in the UAE, the firm proudly extends professional corporate and administrative services to corporations and governmental entities that allow hassle-free company incorporations and facilitate their day-to-day and long-term business dealings. 
With its headquarters located in mainland Dubai, the company has assisted a multitude of non-profit organizations and business enterprises in establishing their footprint across all UAE free zones and Dubai mainland vicinity. 

ZadLaw Corporate Services works side-by-side with government bodies and business enterprises to bridge the gap. We establish a safe, transparent, and simplified process to form government–business connections. 

Our Vision 

Facilitating and Improving Businesses Setup Procedures as Your Partner.

ZadLaw has gained quite a reputation as one of Dubai’s finest corporate service providers. Our experts take pride in their extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations of the local jurisdiction and their ability to derive corporate solutions that promise exponential business growth. 
The ZadLaw faculty strives to help business conglomerates determine a region that truly suits their business model and offers a competitive business ecosystem. 
From understanding the corporate structure of your enterprise to finding suitable local partners and sponsors for a supportive partnership, we pave the way for you to conduct a prosperous and long-lasting business.
Managing extensive registration procedures, obtaining mainland trade licenses, and free zone business approvals, and securing affluent office spaces for startups and large-scale conglomerates remain the firm’s primary areas of focus. 
Our dedicated workforce is efficient in providing tax compliance, effective and proven business solutions, and managing the administrative responsibilities of your enterprise.
We serve as the beacon house for local enterprises that seek prosperous business expansion worldwide and assist them in reaching and building smart partnerships with other offshore companies. 
ZadLaw Corporate guides entrepreneurs, foreign investors, and business executives in conducting successful business operations.

Our Mission 

Mutual success is fundamental to the firm’s core philosophy.

The success of the firm is linked to the growth of clients. Everyone at ZadLaw Corporate Services is focused on providing quality, professional, and streamlined corporate services to meet their clients’ objectives. We work efficiently to handle your administrative and licensing requirements to operate in any region while you concentrate on fulfilling any corporate needs.

ZadLaw Corporate Services help Setup your Business in Dubai

We know the Game!

Setting up your business in Dubai is not easy. The amount of paperwork and legal formalities can be a daunting task. ZadLaw provides tried and tested process that saves your time and money. Being the leader in this space, we have the network and resources to help you kick-start your business journey in Dubai.
With ZadLaw Corporate Services as your partner in company formation, the process of registering your company in the UAE would be swift, smooth, and cost-effective. All you’ve to do is provide us with the relevant information and leave the rest to us. 
From the documentation prep to choosing the right business licensing to the registration –we do everything for you while you focus on your business plan. 

Business Setup Options in Free Zones and the Mainland Dubai

ZadLaw Corporate Services Provide Setup Options according to your business needs.

Setting up your business in Dubai or anywhere in UAE is a complicated process. You’ve to decide according to your business requirements. 
Free zones and the mainland of Dubai have their own perks. While free zones have zero corporate and income tax rates, no customs duties, and give complete ownership of your company –Dubai’s mainland provides unlimited business activities options, no limit on visas, and several other benefits. You have to choose wisely and ZadLaw will help you build your business in your preferred region. 


Get in touch with us for your next business launch in Dubai. ZadLaw Corporate Services is always up and ready to steer you in the right direction and make UAE free zone a stress-free zone for you.

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