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  Caring Is What Makes Arash Different

About Arash Zad

Possessing unparalleled expertise in the world of Dubai real estate law, Arash Zad is a renowned name when it comes to a wide array of legal areas. Currently serving his resourceful skills as the founder and a leading lawyer at Zad Law Firm, Arash Zad provides tailored services in an array of multiple fields. This includes a primary focus on real estate law with corporate law, contracts, and company incorporation being covered too. With almost 2 decades of devising sound business-related investment strategies, he has played a pivotal role in the success of numerous companies’ legal issues.

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Real Estate Law

UAE real estate investment is a highly competitive market. Conditions in the market can rapidly change, requiring the parties to have strategies in place that allow them to adapt and take advantage ..... 


Corporate Law

Corporate law is a wide-ranging practice area that includes:

Mergers and Acquisitions: this forms a large part of the practice and involves a ....



Company Incorporation

Mr. Zad’s local experience gives him a unique insight into the vast range of UAE corporate structures available for clients to pursue their business and commercial objectives ....

The Firms

Zad Law Firm

Zad Law Firm FZE-LLC is established to provide first-class legal advisory services to individuals and businesses.

Founded by Arash Zad –the renowned legal advisor in the Middle East, the firm strictly adheres to and employs up-to-date legal practices to propose effective strategies and solutions in tackling legal challenges faced by their clientele. 

Zad Law Firm operates on behalf of its client-focused infrastructure being highly qualified and well-reputed legal consultants that extend their services in accordance with the UAE laws.

We provide legal advisory and consultation extensively over the UAE jurisdictions to an array of businesses and institutions. The company works alongside governmental entities, large-scale business corporations, financial institutions, and individuals seeking legal consultation.....

ZadLaw Corporate Services

ZadLaw CS is a Dubai-based corporate services company proven to simplify and streamline company formation in mainland Dubai and 50+ free zones across UAE. 

Founded by Arash Zad, the seasoned legal advisor in the UAE, the firm proudly extends professional corporate and administrative services to corporations and governmental entities that allow hassle-free company incorporations and facilitate their day-to-day and long-term business dealings. 

With its headquarters located in mainland Dubai, the company has assisted a multitude of non-profit organizations and business enterprises in establishing their footprint across all UAE free zones and Dubai mainland vicinity. 

ZadLaw Corporate Services works side-by-side with government bodies and business enterprises to bridge the gap. We establish a safe, transparent, and simplified process to form government–business connections.


ZadLaw has gained quite a reputation as one of Dubai’s finest corporate service providers. Our experts take pride in their extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations of the local jurisdiction and their ability to derive corporate solutions that promise exponential business growth......  


The Process


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Our Client Reviews

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Screenshot 2024-03-16 at 3.44.40 PM.png

When my wife and I reached out to Arash Zad about our real estate problem, he promised a solution that other lawyers couldn't. Today, I'm happy to say he delivered on his promise and resolved our issue. 

Mr. Zad's professionalism and extensive experience in real estate law set him apart from his peers. We are impressed by his approach and expertise, and we are eager to engage his services for future legal matters.

Afshin Jafari – Pop Singer

Founder of Melodica Music & Dance Institute


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