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  Caring Is What Makes Arash Different

About Arash Zad

  Caring Is What Makes Arash Different

About Arash Zad


Possessing unparalleled expertise in the world of Dubai real estate, Arash Zad is a renowned name when it comes to a wide array of legal areas. Currently serving his resourceful skills as the founder and a leading lawyer at Zad Law Firm, Arash Zad provides tailored services in an array of multiple fields. This includes a primary focus on real estate law with corporate law, contracts, and company incorporation being covered too. With almost 2 decades of devising sound business-related investment strategies, he has played a pivotal role in the success of numerous companies’ legal issues.


Arash Zad’s determined legal consultancy towards several real estate matters has enabled him to work on an individual level as well as with leading corporate firms. His extensive past training revolves around working side by side with some of the most prestigious names in law firms of Dubai as well as private companies. This includes Independent Advocates & Legal Consultants, Hussain Lootah & Associates, the Iran Insurance Company (Dubai Branch) as well as Al Sharif Advocates & Legal Consultants. 


The hallmark of his legal practice is based upon providing clients with an innovative and tailor-based strategy that suits several well-designed legal objectives. He understands the ins and outs of the competitive business market, assisting clients in overcoming their financial pressures with the greatest cost-effective solutions possible.


His services range from comprehensive legal consultation, ways to minimize business risks, sound investment strategies, protection of legal rights, and any other legal core support services.

Arash Zad’s professional excellence allows him to translate results in the most meaningful and well-devised manner imaginable. His hands-on approach towards law ensures clients’ needs are given priority. This can range from assistance in areas of litigation, negotiation as well as transaction law, amongst other legal matters.


Arash Zad is from a diverse background. He holds great fluency in the languages of English, Arabic, and Farsi. His promising LLB degree from a well-reputed institute, combined with his undue passion to help make a difference in the lives of others has enabled him to reach a successful milestone in the legal industry of today.

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