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Legal Advice Session

We will not be available for advisory sessions from

July 19, 2024, to July 30, 2024.

  • Why do we need to book a session with the lawyer if we just want to ask a simple and general question?
    We believe that every matter requires a customized solution/response. Hence we need to understand and go through your matter and then we will be able to assist you.
  • What is the benefit of an advisory session?
    You will get the chance to have your matter personally looked at and reviewed, accordingly you will be given the best possible advice.
  • Where can I see the slots available?
    Right after paying for the session, you will be directed to the calendar where the available slots are shown and you can book your most convenient time.
  • How can I make sure that the lawyer can advise me about my case?
    You may click on the suitable packages and you will see the descriptions of what is covered and not.
  • Can the lawyer review a short document or email about my matter before the session?
    The time that will be designated for your matter is in accordance with the package that you will book. During which your document will be reviewed.
  • How can we request ahead that we want to have a phone call instead of an online and personal meeting?
    Upon booking the slot, you may mention that you prefer a phone conversation.
  • Can we use other platforms aside from Zoom for an online meeting?
    We only use Zoom application as a secure and trusted method of conducting meetings.
  • Can we request the lawyer to come to our office for the meeting?
    Yes you may. Upon booking the slot, you may mention that you prefer to conduct the meeting in your office. For this, we require a minimum of 2 hours advisory session (1 hour for the travel time and 1-hour advisory session)
  • Am I receiving an invoice and receipt through email?
    After making a payment you will receive a receipt for that payment only.
  • How can I check the slots available ahead of booking?
    You may reach out to our office number. Please note that we will give you an estimated available time as we cannot control the slots being booked online at the moment.
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