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Zad Law Firm – Bringing Effective Legal Solutions to Meet your Goals

Zad Law Firm FZE-LLC is established to provide first-class legal advisory services to individuals and businesses.
Founded by Arash Zad –the renowned legal advisor in the Middle East, the firm strictly adheres to and employs up-to-date legal practices to propose effective strategies and solutions in tackling legal challenges faced by their clientele. 
Zad Law Firm operates on behalf of its client-focused infrastructure being highly qualified and well-reputed legal consultants that extend their services in accordance with the UAE laws.
We provide legal advisory and consultation extensively over the UAE jurisdictions to an array of businesses and institutions. The company works alongside governmental entities, large-scale business corporations, financial institutions, and individuals seeking legal consultation.

Zad Law Firm FZE-LLC is an Independent Law Firm registered in UAE

Serving the UAE with best legal practices.

The firm persistently aims to provide its multiverse clientele with a plethora of legal services that include expert legal information, consultancy and advice, legal documentation, contracts, and other legal assistance requisites. 

Scope of Legal Advisory Services

Family matters, Business matters!

Zad Law Associates is essentially a firm that caters to individuals, businesses, organizations, and corporate clients. The firm has a sound practice and successfully covers the scope of consultancy in the following areas.

  • Real estate law 

  • Commercial law 

  • Civil law 

  • Contract law 

  • Criminal law 

  • Employment and Labor law 

  • Family law 

  • Company setup 

  • Debt collection

Being one of the top legal consultancies in the UAE, we pride ourselves on having complete knowledge of the laws and regulations applicable to our home jurisdiction. We have frequent access to government departments and ministries. 
Whether you need personal legal assistance or want to establish business operations in the Middle Eastern region independently –we subscribe to the belief that high-quality legal consultancy is the right of everyone. 

We Consult, Guide, and Assist.

The legal experts at Zad Law Firm make it their utmost responsibility to understand the client’s needs and requirements to provide the best possible consultancy services that drive them towards success. 
We make sure to uphold the trust and reliance that our clients have placed on us and have made it our utmost duty to advise, assist, and represent them on every legal ground.
Within the Middle Eastern borders, we assist our clients while remaining true to their ethical values. We strive to become not just a partner but a confidante that our clients can always rely on. 
Through our innovative operating procedures and in-depth knowledge about governance policies, we have managed to hold successful joint ventures and build long-lasting partnerships with local and foreign corporations over the years.

Our Mission –Client accentuated Legal Practices

Zad Law Firm has maintained its standard par excellence.

We have client-centered legal practices as one of its fundamental ideologies that have shaped its success over the years. The company believes in mutual growth and success that can only be achieved through trusted relationships and shared values with the clients. The firm takes pride in offering:

  • Diversified area of legal expertise

  • Client-focused practices

  • Independent approach 

  • Cost-effective and expert legal solutions

  • All-inclusive case studies

Effective Legal Strategies

We solve your legal issues.

The company strives to bring out the best outcomes for their clients in both argumentative and non-contentious cases. On top of vast legal knowledge and expertise, we are always keen on understanding the entire framework of clients’ business models. 
Having strong ties with local law firms, we connect our clients with the best for their litigation matters assistance.
The secret formula behind the firm’s success is our independent strategical approach towards each case that we handle. Every business model has its own extent of legal intricacies that can only be dealt with by a solution custom-made for that model. 
Therefore, every inquiry that comes through our shores is catered by the law expert Arash Zad, an expert in the UAE law stratosphere and is capable of offering the best legal solution. The clients can hold extensive discussions via the internet or in-person to smoothly coordinate with us.  

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